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Our History

In 1995, Cattoni Usinagem Ltda was founded, located in the Barra do Rio Cerro neighborhood in Jaraguá do Sul, with a structure of 80m², built by the Cattoni brothers; 4 years later, one of them became the majority shareholder and changed the company's area of operation, thus creating Cattoni Máquinas e Implementos Agrícolas Ltda, also increasing the built area to 800m². Shortly after, the company entered the rice farming market and launched the CRA model.

To stay competitive in this market, Cattoni had to reinvent itself and expand its product catalog. This led to the launch of the MOLDECATTO machine line in 2004, a product manufactured in partnership between Cattoni Máquinas and Moldemaq. Production of this line lasted for 5 years until it was replaced by the CSPA 2044 in 2009, a project manufactured by Cattoni Máquinas. In the same year, the production and development of the first implements began, including the Jet line of sprayers. In 2011, aiming to improve its existing projects, the CSPA 2057 model was launched, an implement that also offered the option of cabins, which revolutionized the way Cattoni operated.

Just 2 years later, the company moved to a new industrial park, this time with 2,436m², a significant upgrade in space that opened new horizons for the company. Shortly after, they began exporting, initially to Ecuador, and now covering more than 10 countries.

With national growth and recognition in the implements market, in 2022, the production of self-propelled models for rice farming was discontinued, shifting the company's focus to the sprayers market and spray solutions, such as cannons and atomizers.

Today, with four partners and a new market vision encompassing 7 different product lines, totaling more than 40 implements for various crops, all geared towards agribusiness, Cattoni covers both the national and international markets.


Driving sustainable development and excellence, building a better future on the pillars of technology, environment, and human empowerment.


To be recognized as a leader in the agricultural market through excellence, expanding our global presence.


• Sustainability
• Reliability
• Innovation
• Agility
• People Empowerment
• Pursuit of Excellence

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